What Are the Benefits of Electrical Submetering?

In a world where energy conservation is of the utmost importance, electrical submetering can be a crucial tool for eliminating waste. Electrical submetering is an increasingly popular technique used in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors to pinpoint and eradicate unnecessary energy use in every form.

The best part is that homeowners can get the job accomplished with a little help from local residential electrical contractors in Alexandria, VA.

What is electrical submetering?

Simply put, electrical submetering is the division of the flow of energy into its individual channels before they hit the primary electrical meter. Say, for example, that an apartment owner has a building with three units, and he or she wants to determine how much power each individual tenant is using month over month.

Installing power monitors that measure that use can accomplish the task with ease.

Why should I use electrical submetering?

Though you may not have considered it beforehand, there are many benefits to hiring residential electrical contractors in Alexandria, VA and putting electrical submetering to use as soon as possible:

  • It can save you money: The most apparent benefit of electrical submetering is the cost-saving aspect. As your new power monitors help you locate and remove electrical waste, you’ll be saving money on your monthly electrical bill. That’s not just pennies, either. Some experts suggest that electrical submetering can pay for itself in as little as two years.
  • Do your part for the environment: As more and more people become environmentally conscious, it’s essential to change with the times and embrace new philosophies. Learning to save energy is one of those new lessons; electrical submetering can help you do just that.
  • Learn the details of your establishment: No matter which industry you’re in, a little bit of knowledge is never a bad thing. Electrical submetering can help you find out which aspects of your business or home are using the most energy, where potential excess is in play, where spikes are occurring on your grid, where possible repairs may be needed and so much more.
  • Get accurate feedback before you get your bill: Electrical submetering offers users the opportunity to get accurate feedback on a near-instantaneous basis. The result is that you get specific information firsthand, right away. Knowing the numbers can also add an extra layer of financial verification when the electrical bill comes due.

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