The Benefits of LED Lighting in Commercial Spaces throughout the Washington DC Region

What are the benefits of LED lighting? Well, there are many but the primary benefits of LED lighting is the long life of the bulbs. If you kept the bulbs on eight hours a day, they would last 20 years. This is amazing! In comparison, traditional lighting lasts an average of 750-2,000 hours, while LED lighting lasts 35,000-50,000 hours. Not having to concern yourself with bulb replacement or hire maintenance crews to replace them at your commercial property for that length of time would be just one of the perks of using this lighting. And possibly the top. But there are many more reasons…

led lighting

Another being the energy efficiency of the bulbs. Which adds up to great financial savings over time. When used in common areas where the lights are left on, the savings can be 90%. This is because LED lights use 75% less energy and last 20+ times as long. For instance, incandescent bulbs use 40-60 watts while LED bulbs use 9-12 watts. So, LED lights save more money on your electric bill than other bulb on the market and give off far less heat. ENERGY STAR calculates that a 10 percent decrease in energy use could lead to a 1.5 percent increase in net Motivational campaigns operating income (NOI) — with even more impressive figures as the energy savings grow. In light of the current compression of capitalization (“cap”) rates (net operating income divided by the sales price or value of a property expressed as a percentage), it is possible to turn pennies into millions.

LED lights are extremely durable to shock, vibration, vandalism, etc. and are great for outdoor lighting as they withstand harsh weather such as rain, wind and snow. And because of this, they are perfect for all types of indoor temperature conditions, such as freezers or outdoor cold weather settings. Fluorescent lights will typically have problems under such cold or harsh weather conditions. Also, LED lights give off no UV emissions or heat which are great for maintaining documents, electronics, furniture, art, etc. and keep costs down for indoor temperature maintenance.

Finally, adding LED lights to your commercial space also shows your commitment to the environment. LED lights do not use mercury, a harmful chemical, as do traditional light bulbs. When traditional light bulbs break they release this harmful chemical into the air. And when you use less energy, you are decreasing the need for burning of coal and fossil fuels into the environment. You will be reducing your carbon footprint. Environmentally friendly energy use will significant increase the property’s value as buyers or renters look to this form of lighting as a great benefit.

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