The Benefits of Owning a Backup Generator for Your Home

If you’ve ever experienced a power blackout, you know how frustrating and inconvenient they can be. Not only do they interrupt your day, but not knowing when power will be restored is anxiety-provoking. Will your food go bad? Will you suffer for long periods without heat or air conditioning? If you are or live with the elderly, blackouts can be hazardous to your health.

When you can’t call a 24-hour emergency electrician in Alexandria, VA, a residential backup generator is invaluable. You’ll still have power for your appliances, lights, air conditioners and heaters so that your daily activities won’t come to a screeching halt.

Do I need a backup generator?

Backup generators can be an investment, so whether you want to spend the money will depend on your personal situation. You may own it for years and never use it, and then eventually need it three or four times during a particularly nasty winter.

If you’re relying on electricity to power medical equipment or live with people who can’t go for extended periods of time without heat, air conditioning or electrically-powered equipment, having a backup generator is a smart choice. Living in an area with frequent storms and outages also helps make the case for buying. Bonus: Having a generator protects your home from voltage fluctuations when the power eventually turns back on.

The biggest benefit that comes with a backup generator, though, is peace of mind. Backup generators are designed to operate safely in a variety of different situations. Even if there’s a disaster, you’ll be prepared—and your loved ones will appreciate that, too. Plus, if your 24-hour emergency electrician in Alexandria, VA has a backlog of clients ahead of you, this won’t be as big an inconvenience.

Natural gas vs. propane

If your home is hooked up to a city grid, you probably have access to natural gas lines—so when choosing a backup generator, you would usually opt for that power source. If you live in a rural area, or are unable to extend the gas lines to your home, propane is a cost-effective alternative.

Both natural gas and propane are tasteless and colorless, but have a unique added odor to alert you to any leaks. Both sources of fuel are affordable and abundant, and won’t go bad over time. This means you can safely store propane tanks on your property for use in longer power outages.

Whether you choose natural gas or propane for your backup generator, you’re assured safe and clean operation. Purchasing a backup generator might be an investment, but it’s one that will help keep your household running smoothly, and it may even add value to your home.

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