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The Best Lighting Options for Your Bedroom

Picturesque bedrooms are a staple of social media posts and on the pages of home design magazines. The one thing every seemingly perfect room has in common is great lighting. The bedroom can be a busy place during waking hours. Finding the right lighting combination is important to creating a space you will want to live in after getting out of bed every morning.The best lighting will provide the right amount of illumination for tasks like dressing, reading, romance and relaxation before transitioning to sleep.

The right light will turn your bedroom into a spot that’s optimal for waking up to a bright and energetic room early in the morning,as well as for basking in calming mood lighting that’s ideal for unwinding with a good book at night. Ahead, an electrician in Alexandria, VA breaks down some of the most popular bedroom lighting options:

  • Recessed: Recessed lights are a great contemporary choice for the bedroom. This low-key lighting option works well with other ceiling fixtures, such as a pendant light. Recessed lights are also a great choice for walk-in closets.
  • Ceiling fans: Ceiling fans pull double duty by providing bright overhead lighting and helping to circulate air throughout the room.The ceiling fan can be flush-mount, semi-flush mount or drop style.They’re available in a wide range of colors and styles, so you’ll be able to find the perfect option to fit your space.
  • Pendants: Pendant lighting is one of the top trends in bedroom lighting. Hang two or three statement pendant lights above the bed to create a stylish spot while also freeing up valuable room on the nightstand. Another option is to hang a single pendant light above the vanity for a glamorous space to apply makeup.
  • Chandeliers: Chandeliers add a touch of elegance to any room. Select the right chandelier to fit the style of your bedroom. You will need a high ceiling to accommodate a chandelier. An electrician in Alexandria, VA can help determine the perfect spot for this luxurious addition.
  • Flush-mounted ceiling fixtures: This is the most common type of overhead light. Flush-mounted fixtures sit directly against the ceiling. The light bulb is covered with a glass cover. In most bedrooms, this might be the only light you really need to illuminate the entire space.
  • Wall sconces: Love to curl up in bed with a good book? Then wall sconces are a great option for you. Sconces are typically placed along the side of the headboard for a minimally invasive light. Choose a fixed option or a sconce with an adjustable swing arm to easily re-position the light.
  • Track lighting: Track lights are the perfect finishing touch for a contemporary or minimalist bedroom. This option can spotlight a particular item, like a piece of art or other accent. Track lighting also works to add a bit of subdued lighting to the vanity or dressing area.

Determining the right lighting choice can be tricky without the help and guidance of an electrician in Alexandria, VA. Call the experts at Walsh Electric today to begin the process of transforming your bedroom with a new lighting option.

How Energy Efficient LED Lighting Can Benefit Your Business

If you’re looking to make a quick, relatively easy upgrade to your business that will help you save some money, one of the best steps you can take is to upgrade all of your lighting to energy efficient LED lighting. It might seem like a big task to switch out all the bulbs in your building, but trust us—making the switch to LED bulbs is worth the time and investment it takes to get the job done.

LED bulbs are becoming increasingly common in new construction and additions, and more and more business owners are realizing their benefits. Here are just a few examples of some of those benefits, courtesy of an electrician in Alexandria, VA.

Long-term financial savings

There are numerous economic advantages that come with using LED lighting. While you do have to make the initial investment for the bulbs, which are significantly more expensive than standard incandescent lights, LED bulbs have come down quite a bit in price over the years.

LED bulbs use significantly less energy, even less than compact fluorescent bulbs, which means you’ll quickly see the effects start showing up in your monthly utility bills. This means these savings will eventually pay off the initial investment you make in upgrading all thebulbs on your property. Over the course of time, your general operating budget will also go down, because you won’t need as much money to regularly purchase new bulbs—LEDs last for years on end.

You will also see a slight decrease in air conditioning bills over the summer—incandescent and halogen bulbs give off a lot of heat, and if you have a lot of them in your facility, they’ll slightly increase the interior temperature. LEDs run quite cool, so you don’t have to worry about this unwanted excess heat.

Environmental benefits

If you’re using fluorescent bulbs, you probably have a hard time disposing of the bulbs. That’s because fluorescent bulbs contain traces of mercury, which means you need to take greater care of them when getting rid of them.This is not an issue with LED bulbs—you can simply throw them away like incandescent bulbs in standard garbage. And if the LED bulbs ever break, you don’t have to worry about the health risks associated with mercury exposure and the environmental risks of having it seeping into the dirt or water in the area.

Health benefits

LED benefits can even provide some health benefits to people working or doing business inside of your building. For example, because LED bulbs don’t flicker like fluorescent bulbs often do, you won’t have to worry about as many complaints about headaches or eyestrain. This will have a good effect on morale in your company.

To learn more about the various benefits associated with installing LED lighting in your commercial space, we encourage you to contact Walsh Electric to speak with a trusted electrician in Alexandria, VA. We are happy to answer any questions you have about upgrading the lighting in your facility.

Why You Need to Update Your Electrical Panel

electrical panel

If your home was built before the 1960’s, chances are you have a fuse panel. When circuit panels came about, the fuse panel was deemed unsafe and even many insurance companies refused coverage to homes that did not upgrade. So therefore, many people upgraded to larger fuses not understanding that the larger electrical load was not alone on the fuse but the wires as well. These wires when overloaded can quickly overheat leading to fire. Entire homes in the 60’s used the electricity of what a home today needs to just power a kitchen. As we use more and more gadgets, larger tvs, microwaves, etc. and homes are expanded and get larger and larger, the need for more power and more electrical service is warranted. If you have an undersized or out of date panel, you are at risk for complete shut down or even worse, a dangerous fire. Continue reading Why You Need to Update Your Electrical Panel

The Benefits of LED Lighting in Commercial Spaces throughout the Washington DC Region

What are the benefits of LED lighting? Well, there are many but the primary benefits of LED lighting is the long life of the bulbs. If you kept the bulbs on eight hours a day, they would last 20 years. This is amazing! In comparison, traditional lighting lasts an average of 750-2,000 hours, while LED lighting lasts 35,000-50,000 hours. Not having to concern yourself with bulb replacement or hire maintenance crews to replace them at your commercial property for that length of time would be just one of the perks of using this lighting. And possibly the top. But there are many more reasons… Continue reading The Benefits of LED Lighting in Commercial Spaces throughout the Washington DC Region

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BLACKSBURG – Walsh Electric recently installed a major energy monitoring system at Virginia Tech University. The installation consisted of electronic monitoring equipment, conduit and control cabling installed in some new and historic locations on campus.

February 17, 2013