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How Can I Decrease My Electric Bill?

How Can I Decrease My Electric Bill?

Electricity is a huge cost for most homeowners, but fortunately there are plenty of ways to save energy for year-round savings.

Turn Off Electronics And Appliances
One of the simplest ways to decrease your electric bill is to unplug electronics and appliances when you aren’t using them. You’ll save a few dollars per month, but it also helps to lower your risk of an electrical fire. Among the most common energy vampires are your microwave, DVD player, VCR, cable box, or computer. They all suck electricity even when you’re not using them, and they contribute to phantom power or standby power bills that can add up to 23% of your energy costs! To combat this, you can buy an electricity monitor that plugs in each device and records their wattage usage. This can help you identify the energy vampires and save money on your electricity bill.

Turn Off The Water
Taking the time to turn off the water when you are not using it can save you a lot of money on your bill. It also can help prevent water damage in case of a plumbing emergency. Ideally, every person living in your home should know where to find the main water shut-off valve in their property. It should be a lever-type valve with a wheel control or lever handle.

Insulate Your Home
Insulation helps prevent heat from escaping your house by acting as a barrier that blocks the movement of air. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing home, properly insulating your walls, attic, crawl space, rim joists, and electrical outlets will dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs, as well as increase your comfort.

Run Your Appliances During Off-Peak Hours
If you have a time-of-use electricity plan, you can lower your electric bill by running appliances during off-peak hours. These times are cheapest because they’re less busy for the energy provider. In summer, peak demand hours are typically from 1pm to 7pm on weekdays and 4pm to 9pm in some areas during the day, because people are using air conditioning. Off-peak periods are usually nighttime hours, which tend to be quieter and cheaper. You can save money on your utility bill by putting your major appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and dryers on delayed start during these times.

Install A Smart Thermostat
A smart thermostat is a great way to decrease your energy bill because it automatically learns how your home feels and adjusts to keep the temperature perfect for you. They also help you track your energy usage so you can see how much you’re saving. The savings may vary depending on the climate you live in and your energy bill, but a smart thermostat should save you about 8 percent on average. It’s a small amount, but it could mean a big difference in your monthly budget.

What Is The Best Lighting For My Business?

Current ergonomic studies have revealed that lighting significantly impacts your mood and productivity. Ergonomists study how people are efficient in their workplaces. You might have noticed that you will feel more relaxed and energetic whenever you walk under the noontime sunlight. Well, this is not just your imagination but a proven fact. Most employees report that good office lighting is critical to their work. Therefore, striving to find quality lighting for your office should be your utmost priority.

How Will Lighting Affect Your Mood and Productivity
The source of your office light could be artificial or natural, dim or bright, blue or yellow. The light your employees work under will affect their mood, daily pace, physical well-being, productivity, and resourcefulness differently. You cannot work at all without any light. However, when the light is dim, it becomes difficult for employees to work since continuous eye strain causes drowsiness and tiredness.

On the other hand, when the light is too bright, it is harsh on their eyes, affects their sleep patterns, and induces constant migraines. Poor lighting will cause your brain to strain to function, leading to fatigue and reducing your productivity and creativity.

Which Is the Best Office Lighting?
Finding the best light source that is the right balance between dim and too bright can be a daunting task. It is especially so due to the variety of office light fixtures and shades available in the market. The following tips will help you choose the best office lighting that will boost your employees’ efficiency, inspiration, and general health.

Fluorescent or LED Office Light Source
Fluorescent lights consume more energy than LED lights due to their infrared radiation. Many office managers now prefer LED lights over fluorescent since they last longer and are eventually cost-effective despite their initial high costs. LED lights are also advantageous because they boost employees’ health and productivity.

Fluorescent lights have been associated with migraines and poor sleep patterns. Unlike fluorescent, you can adjust the brightness of LED lights to match the employees’ needs according to the time and season.

Office Natural Light Source
Recent research findings have linked exposure to natural light in the office to less blurred vision, migraines, and eye strain among employees. Working under natural light helps employees maintain healthy sleep patterns and productivity during the day. This is because natural lights regulate your hormones and help to balance diurnal rhythm. Windows are a great way of letting natural light into your office spaces. Skylights will also help natural light flow into your office if you do not have enough windows.

Office Lighting Color and Temperature
The shade and warmth of the lighting should depend on how you use the office. The proper amount of illumination and the health effects of various spectrums and light intensity are essential and should be considered in the office design. Warmer yellow or orange lighting is typically preferable for unwinding, while cooler blue and white lighting are excellent for working, waking up, and focusing. The lighting tone and temperature should be adjustable to the time of day.

The Power of Right Light
The right amount of light suitable to your office function, the time of day, and the season will go a long way in boosting your employees’ mood, inspiration, productivity, and overall well-being. You should consider the light source that will produce the right light intensity and temperature for your employees round the working clock.