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What Is a Heat Pump?

If you are thinking about a heat pump for your home or office, you probably have some questions. Perhaps you have heard about the benefits of heat pumps, like heat pumps do not burn fossil fuel and are more cost-effective than traditional systems.

The good news is all of that is true, and there are many more benefits and reasons to consider heat pump options, but what is a heat pump? The two basic systems of heat pumps are air-source and ground-source. Ground source heat pumps (aka geothermal heat pumps) are the most efficient and affordable to operate, although they come with higher installation costs.

Air source heat pumps, which are most common for residential use, offer comparable benefits and cost less to install. Colder temperatures are the major concern for air source heat pumps, but options such as electric heat strips and dual fuel systems are viable solutions.

The Heat Pump
Although the name suggests the manufacture of heat or some type of air, heat pumps actually do not create heat or cold. The primary job of the heat pump is to act as an air transfer system. Essentially, that means hot air in and cold air out or vice versa.

Heat pumps use an outdoor and indoor unit with a coil and fan to handle the air transfer. The aforementioned ground source heat pumps and air source units function similarly except for their air sources.

Heat pumps also include refrigerant and compressor components. The heat pump uses refrigerant to absorb or negate heat during circulation. The compressor is responsible for pressurizing the refrigerant, enabling circulation through the vent system.

The expansion and reversing valves control and meter the airflow through the system and control the flow of refrigerant depending on heating or cooling settings. These are the fundamental parts of a heat pump system.

Together, these parts of the heat pump are powered by electricity and work to transfer heat and use refrigerant, providing year-round comfort. If you are considering a heat pump or need services, you should contact a service contractor for help.

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