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Are Your Wires Protected from Snow and Ice?

Preparing your home for winter weather includes doing things like adding insulation to the attic, sealing doorways and cleaning the gutters. One thing that could get overlooked, though, is your home’s exterior wiring.

Electrical wiring and snow in Alexandria, VA don’t mix! Neglecting to prep your outdoor electrical system for winter could result in permanent damage or possibly cause a fire. Continue reading to learn how you or an electrician can prepare your electrical infrastructure for winter weather.

Rated for outdoor use

Preparing your outdoor electrical wiring for winter starts with ensuring that it’s rated for outdoor use. Outdoor cables are able to withstand the elements, while indoor cables are not. Using indoor cables and wires outside can result in electrical shocks, burns or house fires.

Do a quick check to ensure all of your cables are meant to be used outdoors. If not, head to the hardware store and buy some more! The most commonly used nonmetallic outdoor cable is a UF cable—look for these when shopping for your outdoor cords.

GFCI receptacles

Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacles are a must for outdoor wiring. These devices detect excess current and cut the electricity flow in an emergency. GFCI receptacles are essential all year long, but especially in the winter when electrical wiring and snow in Alexandria, VA is a concern. In fact, the National Electrical Code requires at least one GFCI receptacle at the front of your house and one at the back.

If your home doesn’t already have at least two GFCI receptacles, just call the team at Walsh Electric. We can send someone out to update your electrical wiring to ensure your safety and keep your home up to code.

Winter safety tips

Installing GFCI receptacles and only using outdoor wiring can do wonders to keep you safe from the effects of electrical wiring and ice in Alexandria, VA. However, there are a few more tips you should know about.

Never run wires through puddles, snow or doorways, or underneath outdoor furniture. Doing so is both a fire and a tripping hazard. Additionally, be sure to roll and store any unused cords to avoid accidents.

When hanging holiday lights inside or outside, avoid plugging multiple strands into one another. Overloading strands can cause electrical sparks, which may result in a fire. Additionally, you run the risk of tripping the circuit breaker.

We offer 24/7 emergency service!

We know electrical problems don’t just happen Monday through Friday during standard business hours. That’s why we’re available 24/7 for emergency services! We’re capable of making both residential and commercial emergency repairs, day or night. Regardless of the problem, you can rest easy knowing we’ll show up in a hurry to set it straight.

Whether you need emergency repairs or someone to help you protect your electrical wiring this winter, hire our team at Walsh Electric. We’re experts when it comes to electrical wiring and ice in Alexandria, VA, and we offer a wide range of residential services. Call us today to see what we can do for you and your home!

Signs of Electrical Problems in the Home

Homeowners depend on electricity to operate kitchen and laundry appliances, power HVAC systems, charge electronic devices and light the home. Unfortunately, home electrical systems don’t always work the way they’re supposed to. Electrical problems in your home in Alexandria, VA can cause lots of issues, from appliance failure to increased fire risk. Identifying the signs of electrical problems in the home is important when it comes to keeping your home safe and avoiding electrical issues.

Most common signs of electrical problems

There are a lot of possible signs of electrical problems in your home in Alexandria, VA. Learning more about some of these common signs can help you identify issues sooner and handle repairs proactively. Here are some of the most common symptoms of electrical problems that require professional maintenance or repair:

Frequent circuit breaker problems: While it’s not uncommon for circuits to trip occasionally, frequent circuit breaker problems indicate a bigger electrical issue. If you’re constantly dealing with blown fuses and circuit breaker shorts, your home might not have the electrical capacity necessary to handle all your appliances, lighting and electronic devices. Thankfully, an electrician can upgrade your system to prevent these problems from continuing to occur in the future.

Flickering lights: Another common electrical issue is flickering lights. Sometimes, light flickering is caused by a defective bulb. However, if you’ve noticed that multiple lights are flickering and the issue isn’t solved by replacing the bulb, it’s likely there’s a bigger electrical problem to address. The problem might be caused by damaged electrical wiring or a circuit breaker issue. A professional electrician can inspect your electrical system to figure out why your lights are flickering and provide the necessary maintenance and repair services to get them working properly again.

Hot light fixtures: If you feel excessive heat around your light fixtures, it’s likely that they aren’t insulated properly. This issue might also be caused by using the wrong lightbulb wattage for your fixture. No matter the cause of the problem, it can contribute to increased fire risk. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to get the fixtures inspected right away to minimize risks.

Electrical shocks: There’s nothing pleasant about electrical shocks, even minor ones, but this is a common electrical problem for homeowners. If you’ve noticed a slight shock or tingle when touching appliances or electrical fixtures in your home, there’s likely an issue with your electrical wiring. Since these problems can get worse over time, it’s important to call an electrician right away for wiring inspections and repairs.

Do you have electrical problems in your home in Alexandria, VA?

If you’ve noticed some signs of electrical problems in your home, reach out to the team at Walsh Electric for help with inspections and repairs. Whether you’re dealing with flickering lights or blown fuses, our team is here to provide the repair solutions you need. In addition to our regular repair and maintenance services, we also offer 24/7 emergency services so our customers can get the help they need right away. Give us a call to find out more about everything we have to offer!