Can Ceiling Fans Control The Temperature Of A Room?

Ceiling fans are relatively commonplace in most homes and businesses. You can probably look up in your home now and see a ceiling fan. For many, a ceiling fan is a great way to help make the most of your HVAC system and can also help to moderate the temperature of the room that you are in.

How Ceiling Fans Work

Ceiling fans work with the help of a motor that runs the fan and pushes the air from the ceiling down when the fan is running clockwise. This is going to push the air that is up near the ceiling down and help to make the room warmer in the winter when you are using your heat. If you reverse the motor and make the fan run counterclockwise, it is going to pull the air up from the floor.

The way that this works is that hot air rises while cold air sinks. In the winter, when you have your fan turned to rotate clockwise, you are going to be pushing the warm air from the heating down into the room to make the room warmer. This is especially helpful when you have ceiling heat or when you have your HVAC vents on the ceiling of your home.

During the summer when you have your air conditioning running, the cold air is going to sink to the ground. The fan running counterclockwise is going to bring that air up into the room, helping to cool the room. When you are using a fan to regulate the temperature in your home, you need to make sure that you have your fan running in the right direction to help move the hot air and cold air in the direction that you need.

When to Call A Professional HVAC Service

If you are dealing with an HVAC unit that is not working properly and you are depending on the fan to help with the temperature, you do need to take the time to work with your HVAC company to get your unit up and working properly. With the help of a great HVAC company, you can make sure that your unit is working properly so that the fan can actually work to help with regulating the temperature of the room.

You should not depend on the fan entirely to help regulate the temperature of a room. If it is winter, for instance, you want to make sure your HVAC unit is working properly to help keep the home warm, rather than just using the fan to do so. Your HVAC unit is so important and can help make your home comfortable and can help to keep your home livable and safe.