How Much Does It Cost to Change a Light Fixture?

During the events of the past few years, we’ve found that many of our clients have had the time to really take a look around their homes since they’ve been spending so much time there. A lot of folks have used the time to start hobbies (we’ve talked to model train engineers and woodworkers alike), while others have decided to give their homes a good facelift.

Renovating or remodeling can be a big job, but it doesn’t have to be. Some impactful changes can actually be quite small, for example, swapping out a light fixture. Lighting repairs and replacements are a quick, easy and inexpensive way to give your rooms a new look.

Read on to learn more about the potential costs of changing out a light fixture.

Types of potential changes

Lighting fixture changes can take quite a few different forms, which, in turn, can influence their price. Our customers have asked us to do all sorts of things, so the sky really is the limit. We’ve done simple replacements, like swapping out a traditional wall or ceiling-mounted fixture, but we’re also able to install an outlet in a place where a light was (or vice versa).

We can also handle fancier items like chandeliers that can really spruce up a space. These items are usually quite simple for us to do, but more in-depth lighting repairs and changes can sometimes require a permit. For that reason alone, it’s best to leave these to a pro.

Costs of electrical changes

Estimating electrical repairs and installations through a blog post can be a tricky proposition (there are many variables that can enter into the equation, so do not take these numbers as gospel); however, we’re able to give some ballpark figures. For starters, any electrical work that is going to fundamentally alter the wiring is going to require a permit. This cost varies by locale, but you’re likely looking at somewhere around $100 or so at the most.

For the cost of the work, you first need to take the fixture itself into account. We can order items on your behalf, or you can pick out ones that you like at any home improvement store and buy them on the spot—it’s up to you. Labor costs for electrical contractors will vary quite a bit as well, and the size of the fixture can also change this; if extra hands are needed for a heavy lift, then these costs will go up a bit. Typically, these labor costs are going to be somewhere around $70 to $100 for each man-hour committed.

Other variables

With all of this said, customers should remember that estimating electrical repairs and installations through a blog post can be a tricky proposition, as there are many variables to take into account on any job. You might need to change the voltage, which can require heavy rewiring, or you might want to convert two-pronged outlets to three-pronged—a process that can be quite labor-intensive.

If you’re looking to change out some light fixtures or perform lighting repairs or if you need any sort of electrical repair work done, then it’s time to call our pros at Walsh Electric. We can put our 35 years (and counting) years of experience to work for you today.