Electrical Motor Controls & Service

Keep your Industrial Operations Running at Peak Performance

You have critical production goals to meet every day, so there’s no time for motor control malfunctions. You can depend on Walsh Electric to keep your motors humming with our comprehensive motor control preventive maintenance and repair services.

Motor Control MaintenanceMotor Control Repair Service
It’s not uncommon for a busy manufacturing plant like yours to ignore the need for motor control preventive maintenance until it’s too late. When breakdowns happen, Walsh Electric’s licensed, bonded and insured electricians will respond quickly and get you up and running again.

Motor Controls Preventive Maintenance Service
Walsh Electric’s experienced motor control technicians have the experience and training to inspect the AC and/or DC motor drives of your heavy equipment for potential problems and replace or repair parts before they malfunction. Once we better understand the daily workload demands placed on your motor controls, we can recommend an appropriate monthly or quarterly preventive maintenance schedule. Contact us today!

Avoid Costly Downtime and Lost Profits
Motor-driven systems are responsible for over two-thirds of total energy consumption in industrial enterprises. That’s why bottom-line profits are directly related to keeping your machinery operating efficiently at all times.

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