Specialty Electrical Testing Equipment

Specialty Electrical Testing Equipment

Find Out What’s Really Causing that Perplexing Electrical Problem


Walsh Electric, an electrical services company in Northern Virginia, uses the latest advances in technology and testing equipment to bring you state-of-the-art services that handle all of your electrical needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Power Quality Analysis Equipment

Sometimes electrical problems don’t have obvious causes. Maybe it’s a big machine in your manufacturing plant that’s running hot. Or your elevator keeps shutting down and you can’t figure out why. Or your electricity is spiking or browning out.

When you have unsolved electrical problems, call Walsh Electric. We have special Power Quality Analysis (PQA) equipment that will detect the real cause. Our certified technicians have the training and experience to conduct a comprehensive power quality analysis test on your electrical system.

Using the PQA equipment, our technicians will go through your system at strategic locations and identify the power quality issues. For example, your problems could be caused by unbalanced loads on the three main power lines going into your building. This is a common problem that can arise from changes in a company’s power needs over the years. Once we identify your specific problems, Walsh Electric will be able to solve them.

Underground Utility Locator

If you need to access your underground utilities (electrical, telecommunications, water, sewer and gas), call Walsh Electric. We have a state-of-the-art Underground Utility Locator to safely and accurately trace their location. Our technicians have extensive experience using this advanced equipment. Once you know their precise location, you can reach your underground utilities without damaging the lines and creating a dangerous situation.

Megger Testing Equipment

Megger Testing Equipment is an industry-leader in high-voltage testing for motors and wiring to check for safety. If a motor in your facility is failing, overheating or tripping the breaker, call Walsh Electric. Our experienced technicians will conduct a complete Megger test. The test evaluates the insulation properties of the electrical wiring, power antenna mounts and motor windings to determine if the insulation has been injured in any way that might cause a short circuit when normal power is applied to it.

Walsh Electric uses Megger testing equipment because it delivers an accurate, comprehensive evaluation without damaging your important equipment.

Underground Boring Equipment

Walsh Electric uses state-of-the-art underground boring equipment to install electrical wiring under roadways, driveways and parking lots. Our certified electricians have ample experience using this type of specialty equipment to bores holes a few feet below concrete surfaces in preparation of running electrical wiring.

Underground boring is an economical, convenient and environmentally sound method for installing electrical lines.

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