Submetering Electrical Service

Lowers Costs & Improves Energy Efficiency in Multi-Tenant Buildings

Walsh Electric provides state-of-the-art submetering systems that improve energy efficiency and monitor electricity usage in commercial buildings with multiple tenants. Submetering is a system that sets up separate meters in every tenant space instead of just having one master utility meter at the main electrical service entrance.

Our licensed, insured and bonded electricians have the extensive training and experience to:

  • Recommend an efficient, state-of-the-art system for electric metering and submetering
  • Order the most appropriate submeters for your property
  • Install high-quality submeters that are accurate and certified to meet or exceed national accuracy standards
  • Service all types of submetering systems

Submetering Electrical Service in Alexandria-Arlington utility meterSubmetering Electrical Service in Alexandria-Arlington electricianSubmetering Electrical Service in Alexandria-Arlington meter reading

Good for You. Good for Your Tenants.
Faced with constantly rising utility rates, building owners constantly seek new ways to trim operating costs and improve their bottom line. As a commercial building owner, you’ll enjoy these benefits of submetering:

  • Provides accurate energy monitoring and eliminates the need for square footage estimates
  • Promotes energy savings that lead to a positive environmental impact. Energy usage studies show that tenants in buildings with sub meters – apartments, condos, shopping malls and office buildings–are far more energy conscious than tenants in buildings with one master utility meter at the main electrical service entrance.
  • Adds value to your commercial property whether you design submeters into a new building or retrofit them into an existing building
  • Gives your property a competitive edge by giving you more control over your total utility costs. That’s why a submetered space can be a deal closer for prospective tenants. It gives them the power to manage and monitor their own energy usage and have some control over one of their most volatile overhead costs.

Walsh Electric is proud to provide the most advanced electrical submetering services on the market. Our electricians use the industry’s best practices to install state-of-the-art submeters that can monitor any size circuit from main distribution to a single branch circuit.

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