Switchgear Preventative Maintenance

Avoid Expensive Downtime for Equipment and Employees

Switchgear Preventative MaintenanceNearly 25% of switchgear and circuit breaker problems are caused by inadequate maintenance. If your maintenance program is poor, your odds of having a failure increase by 49% to 74%. Walsh Electric’s annual Switchgear Preventive Maintenance service is designed to keep your equipment operating at peak performance and efficiency.

Our Switchgear Preventive Maintenance service includes:

  • Visual, mechanical and electrical inspections and tests
  • Upgrades and modifications as needed
  • Emergency repairs

Our licensed, insured and bonded electricians have the extensive training and experience to perform comprehensive switchgear preventive maintenance for commercial, industrial and government operations.

In conjunction with Switchgear Preventive Maintenance, Walsh Electric often also performs state-of-the-art Infrared Thermal Imaging Testing to identify loose or poor connections and unbalanced loads.

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