Common Electrical Problems for You to Watch For

If you’re a homeowner, you probably take your electrical systems for granted until they start to develop problems, or stop working altogether. There are some electrical issues that aren’t serious and are easily resolved, but others that can be symptoms of other, more severe underlying issues.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most common electrical problems you should watch for. If you notice any of these, contact an emergency electrician in Alexandria, VA right away:

  • Power surges: Frequent electrical surges can be a result of a variety of problems, including a recent lightning strike, damage to power lines in your area, defective appliances in your home or bad/outdated electrical wiring in the house. Power surges generally only last a fraction of a second, but if you experience them frequently, you’ll start to notice appliances being significantly damaged. You should contact an electrician to analyze your system as soon as you start to experience power surges.
  • Overloaded circuits: Tripped circuit breakers can be a result of overloaded circuits. It’s easier than you might expect to overload a circuit, especially when you consider the sheer number of devices that are plugged into today’s home electrical systems. You should figure out where the overloaded circuit is occurring and which appliances could be at fault, as some draw more power than others. Figure out a way to distribute power more evenly in your home, and unplug anything that’s not getting used (like chargers for phones or other devices).
  • Shocks: Electrical shocks are usually just a nuisance, but they can become dangerous in some circumstances. Shocks can be a result of issues with the wiring in an appliance or an outlet. You should be careful when turning objects on or off, and if you regularly experience shock at an outlet or switch, contact an electrician to come and check out the problem.
  • Bulbs burning out quickly: If you notice light bulbs burning out too quickly, there are a couple possible causes. It might be that you have poor circuit wiring to the fixture. It could also be that you have a dimmer switch, wiring or bulb with too high a wattage. In some circumstances, it could even be a problem with insulation being too close to the bulb. Some of these problems are easier to fix than others, so it’s important to be able to diagnose what’s causing the issue so you don’t keep burning through bulbs on a regular basis.
  • High electrical bills: Do your monthly utility bills seem to be getting more expensive than they’ve typically been? If so, make sure you identify and fix any devices that might be causing power surges in your home, that you unplug appliances when they aren’t being used and that you update your electrical wiring as needed to make your home run more efficiently. Any steps you can take to increase energy efficiency will be beneficial both for your bank account and for the environment.

If you’d like more information about common electrical problems, an emergency electrician in Alexandria, VA can provide tips on how to proceed. Reach out to Walsh Electric for the help you need.