Four Ways to Save on Electricity This Spring

During the spring and summer, it’s normal for electrical bills to spike with increased power usage. While there are some kinds of power consumption that are impossible to avoid during the spring and summer, there are lots of practices that can reduce energy usage and keep your utility bills in check. Keep reading for some advice from an electrician in Alexandria, VA to save on electricity this spring.

Saving on your monthly utility bills doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, all it takes is a few simple steps to minimize your energy waste and improve your home’s overall efficiency. Follow this advice from an electrician in Alexandria, VA to keep your electric bill in check:

  • Keep your AC system tuned up: Heating and cooling account for the majority of household energy consumption. When AC systems are kept tuned up, they run far more efficiently than systems that aren’t regularly maintained. During an AC tune-up, a technician will replace filters, clean ductwork and repair damage to maximize the performance and efficiency of your system. Following a routine maintenance schedule is one of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home and minimize energy waste. In addition, regular AC maintenance extends the lifespan of your system and allows you to save money on premature repairs and system replacement.
  • Install a smart thermostat: Smart thermostats give homeowners more control over energy use by automatically adjusting heating and cooling. Homeowners can control heating and cooling remotely through a mobile app and make adjustments throughout the day as the weather changes. Smart thermostats are especially handy during the workday or while you’re on vacation, since they make it easy to adjust temperature settings remotely. An electrician in Alexandria, VA can install a smart thermostat and help you get started with this new device to maximize all of its benefits.
  • Use power strips: Power strips are great for plugging in appliances, chargers and devices that don’t require constant power. Once you’re done using your device or charger, simply shut off the power strip to keep energy waste to a minimum and avoid passive power consumption from your electronics.
  • Upgrade light fixtures: Installing energy-efficient bulbs for your home’s light fixtures is a great way to curb energy waste. These lightbulbs use less energy than traditional bulbs, and they also tend to last longer and require less frequent replacement. Investing in dimmer switches is another great way to reduce waste by keeping your lightbulbs on a dimmer setting. This gives you more control over your lighting while minimizing the power consumption of your light fixtures.

Electrician in Alexandria, VA

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