How Lighting Can Affect Mood

Most of us hardly ever think about lighting, yet somehow we find ourselves smiling on bright sunny days or feeling gloomy when the sky is dark and overcast. Studies have shown that different kinds of lighting can impact mental, biological and emotional factors. The lighting can influence one’s mood and overall levels of productivity. Even the intensity of a light can directly influence how you react to things or interact with others.

Here’s a closer look at a few of the ways lighting can affect your emotions. Contact your electrician in Alexandria, VA for more information.

The power of natural light

People who spend more time outside in the natural light are much happier and get more sleep than those who spend their day in the dark or under artificial lights. But you don’t have to spend your day outside to reap the benefits of natural light. Simply having a window in the office can provide the same benefits. This is because exposure to naturally-occurring light helps the body stick to its natural circadian rhythm. Unfortunately, this can have an adverse effect during the winter months,when many people experience seasonal affective disorder because there’s less natural lighting available.

Cool, blue lights for productivity

Artificial light in blue-white tones and cooler temperatures are ideal for the office or a creative space. Studies have shown this tone makes people feel more alert, assists with concentration, prevents sleepiness and even boosts productivity. This is because the blue-toned light lowers the hormone melatonin, which causes sleepiness. On the other hand, too much artificial blue light can have negative effects. Using blue-tinted screens before bedtime can prevent the mind from naturally calming down and make it difficult to fall asleep.

Yellow for relaxation

Warm lighting has the opposite effect. The glow from a yellow-tinted lighting source can encourage calmness and foster relaxation. The right amount of warm lighting has been found to decrease the risk of depression, diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Switch on a yellow light to unwind at the end of a long day or to prepare the mind and body for sleep.

Light intensity

Studies have found the intensity of the light can have a major impact on everything from how much we eat to the enjoyment of our food. People tend to eat less and at a slower pace in restaurants with soft, dim lighting. However, dark restaurants also encourage diners to order unhealthy food, while brighter lighting makes them more conscious of what they are consuming. One study suggested that lighting can even influence how much people enjoy their food.

Transform your space with the help of an electrician in Alexandria, VA

The right or wrong lighting can transform both your home and your life. Identifying the temperature, tone and lighting type best in line with the primary function of the room or building can be tricky, though. Luckily, Walsh Electric can help. One of our expert electricians in Alexandria, VA will identify the best lighting solution for the space before installing it just how you want it. Call us today to get started!