The Importance of Your Circuit Breaker

Every home has a circuit breaker. When the lights go out or a fuse trips, it’s the spot you head toward to turn everything back on. Your circuit breaker is the metallic box that sits in your garage or some other utility space in your home. It’s got two vertical rows of switches that control the flow of electricity to every room in your home, plus one big, shiny switch that can shut down the power to your entire house.

You probably already knew all that. What you may not realize, though, is the critical importance of your circuit breaker in Alexandria, VA.

Why does my circuit breaker trip?

In essence, your circuit breaker is an essential safety device in your home. Each of the switches on a circuit board is capable of channeling a certain amount of energy. When a switch is in the ON position, electricity is allowed to flow freely through your circuits.

Each of the switches on your circuit board is attached to an electromagnet that gains charge depending on the amount of energy flowing through it. The more energy, the stronger the electromagnet. If that flow of electricity gets powerful enough, the electromagnet gains enough power to force a switch on your circuit breaker to the OFF position, and voila! You get an outage.

What causes my breaker to trip?

There are several reasons that a circuit breaker can trip. The most common (and perhaps the most obvious) is that too much electricity is flowing through the circuit. This could happen as a result of a power surge from the grid, or it could happen if you have too many devices plugged into a specific circuit in your home.

When components in your home malfunction, either by fusing together or because of a disruption to the power lines in your home, you may also experience a circuit trip.

Label, label, label

Ideally, your circuit breaker in Alexandria, VA is clearly labeled, letting you know which switches control which parts of your home. If you discover that your circuit breaker is inaccurate or isn’t marked, you must label it as soon as possible.

A properly-labeled circuit breaker is essential for spotting problem areas quickly and accurately.

How to handle circuit breaker issues

More often than not, fixing a tripped circuit is as simple as locating your circuit breaker and flipping the tripped switch back in the right direction. If your main circuit trips, be sure to turn all of the circuits off before flipping the primary circuit back on. Then, you can turn on each switch one by one.

If your circuit breaker trips continuously, it’s time to call a professional.

Your trusted electrician

If you have questions about the benefits of your circuit breaker in Alexandria, VA, make the call to Walsh Electric. We have 35 years of experience in the installation, maintenance and upgrading of electrical components for residential and commercial clients alike. Get the best electrical service in the area. Call Walsh Electric today!