Intrusion Detection Systems

When it comes to your computer network, you can never be too careful. You probably already have firewalls and spam filters in place, among other tools to prevent unauthorized access—but do you have an IDS, or intrusion detection system in Alexandria, VA? If you haven’t added this layer of security in your commercial network, you may be missing out on detecting malicious activity before it can harm your system.

Here’s the scoop on intrusion detection systems and why you should consider installing one.

What is an IDS?

An IDS inspects the network traffic and alerts the administrator if something appears to be amiss. Whereas firewalls inspect external traffic that wants to enter the system, these systems inspect all of the internal traffic to ensure nothing untoward has slipped past the firewall. (They can also protect against occasional attacks that originate inside the network.)

Intrusion detection systems do this in two ways. First, they’re programmed to “know” what normal traffic looks like, so they can detect any anomalies present. Second, they compare the traffic against their own database of what attacks look like, including attack techniques and historical data about previous known attacks. This allows the system to evaluate all of the data entering and exiting the network in the blink of an eye, and alert the administrator if there’s something wrong.

Why do I need protection systems in Alexandria, VA?

When it comes to network security, there’s no shortage of hackers and scammers trying to exploit whatever they can. If your network is vulnerable, they can do significant damage before you realize it.

It’s also important to remember that in addition to the malware and viruses that firewalls can detect and ward off, hackers are constantly developing new software and ways to get past existing firewalls. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that you could have some of the best firewall and anti-malware software in the world, only to find that a new virus slipped through. That’s often because the current protection doesn’t know how to detect the issue.

An IDS makes it possible to evaluate all that traffic even after your firewall has done its job. If there’s something strange afoot, administrators will get an alert so they can investigate the issue. Sometimes they catch harmless traffic, but other times, it’s the early alert you need to protect your network from further harm.

Intrusion detection systems monitor both inbound and outbound traffic in an effort to catch any sort of attack, even if it originates from inside the system. In a world where stealing private data makes for valuable currency, it’s smart to put up as many safeguards as you can.

The best thing you can do for your network is to install an IDS and work with savvy network administrators, who can tell the difference between false positives or negatives and the real thing.

If you’re considering installing your own intrusion detection system in Alexandria, VA, Walsh Electric can help. Call us today to learn more about our commercial network installation services.