What Are the Kitchen Lighting Trends?

Modern kitchen cabinets and front doors are leaning toward more moody, saturated colors. Handcrafted tiles are becoming more popular. Various materials are available, such as metal and silhouettes. Continue reading to find out more about modern kitchen lighting trends for 2022.

Kitchen Lighting Trends

Here are some modern kitchen lighting trends for 2022 that can be installed by a professional lighting electrician.


You can easily add a nice touch to your kitchen lighting using an industrial piece to light up the space as you cook. This can be achieved in various ways to match your style, including hanging lights with exposed wiring, black metal frames, or pendant lighting similar to the appearance of street lights. If you already have an existing light fixture that has an open design, you can consider replacing the light bulbs using Edison bulbs to transform the look completely.


For many homeowners, every item in their home should be functional but be seen as a piece of art or décor, including lighting. You can achieve this look by hanging a sculpturally inspired fixture right from the ceiling that will have your guests talking. There is no limit to color, material, or size for this style, meaning it will match your home’s existing vibe easily if you aim for a cohesive design flow.


People are raving about rattan and seagrass. There is no reason why they cannot be included for kitchen lighting ideas. You can easily switch out your light shade with a woven basket if you are looking to bring warmth and a touch of boho to your kitchen. You can choose from various stains, from dark to natural, if you want to find something that matches your existing wood. These pieces are also available in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to suit the size of your kitchen and the impact you are aiming for.


Glass is classy and simple. The best part is that a row of glass orbs will match almost any kitchen design, whether your kitchen is modern or coastal. If you are aiming for a simple design, the orb can hang from a dowel rod in matching metal to the rest of your hardware. It can also be encased in a bronze band. You don’t have to just stick with traditional clear glass fixtures. For those who absolutely love color, you can try going to blown glass masterpieces that match the theme and hue of your kitchen.


A residential electrical contractor can also achieve a glam look for you by hanging chandeliers adorned with crystals. If you believe that these were just designed for formal dining rooms, you are wrong. Kitchens also deserve some glamour as well. You may lean more toward a chandelier with a spiral of crystals hanging over your kitchen island.

If you are looking for professional help to turn your kitchen lighting ideas into a reality, you can choose a company that specializes in kitchen remodeling to help install new lighting in your kitchen.