Can I Learn To Be An Electrician Online?

Can I Learn To Be An Electrician Online?

Electricity is a very important aspect of our lives. We use it to power our homes, our offices, and everything around us. It is essential to have proper electrical wiring and systems to avoid accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. That is why electricians are in such high demand.

For years, traditional electrical training courses were the only option for those who wanted to become electricians. However, in recent times, people are turning towards online courses to meet their needs. Online education has advanced dramatically over the last few years, but is it possible to learn to be an electrician online? Let’s take a closer look.

Can an online course teach you everything?

Online electrician courses can teach you some of the theoretical aspects of electrical systems. You can gain an understanding of the principles of electricity, electrical safety, electrical systems design, and installation. After completing the theoretical aspects, you can learn and enhance those skills with a practical experience program.

Online courses are designed in such a way that some courses provide constant access to instructors who are always ready to help you answer any questions you may have. The courses can supplement you with a variety of study materials, including video tutorials, reading materials, and quizzes.

However, electrical systems involve practical work, and that’s what makes learning to be an electrician a bit challenging online. It is not possible for an online course to give you hands-on experience with electrical systems. But, with practical training, in-person internships, or on-the-job learning, the skills learnt through online e-courses can be honed and amplified.

An online course can provide you with the foundation of electrical knowledge and help place you in the right direction. However, it is essential to have real-life experience under a knowledgeable practice to ensure that you learn the subtle nuances of being an electrician. In essence, online courses alone are rarely enough.

Are online courses accredited?

Accreditation is an essential characteristic that highlights the credibility of an online course. You need to check if the course you choose is legitimate and accredited by an authoritative body. Check for a course authorized by the National Electrician Association and National Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee. Enrolling in an unaccredited online course is a waste of time and a significant loss of essential skills in your career advancement.

Pros of online training

Online training has many benefits despite not offering hands-on experience. Some of the advantages of learning to be an electrician online are:


Learning online provides a flexible schedule for individuals to accommodate working on their electrical projects. The majority of online courses offer pre-recorded lessons, enabling electricians to progress through the curriculum on their schedules.


Another advantage of online learning is the cost. Online courses are typically less expensive than traditional electrical courses, less room and board needed. Additionally, transport and commuting expenses are not a burden on the electrician. It is a significant consideration for learners who have a limited budget but need to gain knowledge.

Self-Paced Learning

Online courses often enable electricians to work at their most optimal pace and schedule. Whether you want to learn at night or early hours of the day, you can interact with your study material, quizzes and assignments whenever the right time comes.


Online classes offer electricians an opportunity to learn from anywhere, provided there is a reliable internet connection. It means they can learn while travelling, on breaks, or at home. It eliminates commuting time to and from class or laboratory, which is especially beneficial for those who work a full-time job or have a family to look after.

Cons of Online Training

The online nature of learning presents a few drawbacks as well, such as;

Limited Practical Training

Online learning does not offer adequate hands-on training, which is needed in the electrical field. Working on electrical systems requires precision and practice, which can’t be substituted by online classes. An exploration into electrical works such as troubleshooting, repairs and installations is highly recommended.

Limited Interaction with Professionals

Online courses may not offer feedback from professionals regarding your performance. While having an experienced electrician to lead you through a problem is a fantastic way to learn practically, online courses do not offer much guidance in this aspect.

Final Thoughts

Online learning is a fantastic way to learn, but it isn’t perfect for everyone. As an electrician, you need a balance of theory and practical experience. Electrical systems can be dangerous and cause unforeseen issues that a professional electrician should tackle. Therefore, it is incredibly crucial to have a practice experience and practical training.

Once you complete online training, it is advisable to look into apprenticeships. These offers access to professionals, practical training and real-world experience. It’s a perfect way to apply and improve the skills gained through online studying.

In conclusion, you can learn to be an electrician online. It is important to seek reliable accreditation, and courses that combine theory and practical training. Indispensably, practical training under the guidance of expert electricians will ensure you have the experience to handle real-world electrical issues. With this combination, you can learn to be an electrician and excel in the field.