Optimize Your Office with Network Cabling

Offices these days are using a wider range of devices that use wireless network connectivity, but that doesn’t mean structured cabling systems have become outdated. Though wireless has become standard for convenience, there is no denying that structured cable networks still provide a significantly more reliable connection and greater security than wireless.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should focus on optimizing your office with network cabling with the help of our commercial electrical contractors in Alexandria, VA:

  • Structured cabling systems are simpler: The vast majority of businesses use a variety of devices and equipment all at the same time. Single cabling systems significantly cut down on the complexity associated with the use of multiple wiring infrastructure in a single location. This means that if a problem occurs and you’re using structured cabling, you will have a much easier time pinpointing the problem that you need to solve. The result is greater efficiency and ease of use for everyone in your office, and an easier job for your IT professionals.
  • Less downtime: We already noted that structured cabling makes for better organization. This means it becomes easier to solve connectivity problems, and your business won’t suffer from as much downtime. Considering downtime can lead to lost sales opportunities, this is an important benefit. In this way, structured cabling can help save your business some money.
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  • Flexibility: Structured cabling is a highly flexible type of network system. It can easily accommodate new additions and moves to new locations. This means if you ever relocate, you won’t need to worry about having to start from scratch with your cabling, which can be a big source of relief for companies that have invested a significant amount of time in it already.
  • Adaptability: Structured cabling systems provide very high bandwidth to those who use it. This means you’ll be able to support a wider variety of applications that might require more bandwidth, such as video conferencing, streaming and various other forms of multimedia, all without interrupting your connection and the system in general. This also helps you future-proof your system—with greater bandwidth and a wider range of capabilities, you’ll be prepared for new technologies and features as they get introduced, which, given the speed of technological innovation we’ve seen in our modern world, is a crucial benefit to be able to take advantage of.
  • Simple management: A structured cable system allows you to keep better track of which cable is connected to which location, meaning you don’t have to constantly get in touch with a network support team to deal with cable management. Again, this also makes it much easier to find problems when they do occur within your system.
  • If you’re interested in learning more about structured cable networks and the various benefits associated with them, we encourage you to contact the commercial electrical contractors in Alexandria, VA at Walsh Electric today. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and tell you more about your options.