Parking Lot Lighting Installation and Repair

You’ve probably been there before—searching for your car in a large, poorly-lit parking lot. You aimlessly hit the button on your key fob in a futile attempt to locate your vehicle. Then you start thinking about whether it’s safe to be in a dark parking lot all by yourself.

If you’ve had this experience before, you know that it’s bad for business. Why would customers choose your business if it has a few outdated fixtures attempting to light up a large parking lot?

Read on to find out about lighting repairs and installations that can help your business stand apart.

The most common problems with parking lot lighting

Take a walk through your parking lot one night. Is every part of it well lit? How about the distant corners? How about the areas that aren’t immediately next to light fixtures? If not, then it’s time to do something about it.

Many of today’s parking lots were built in an era when metal halide and mercury vapor lights were used. These lots may have some newer LED lighting mixed in as well, which creates a drastic contrast. Additionally, older lights are associated with considerably higher energy bills compared to modern LEDs. The fact is that LED lights are brighter, cleaner and more affordable than other alternatives.

Security for your customers

Statistics demonstrate that better-lit parking areas equal less crime. The last thing you want is for crime to occur on your property and damage your company’s hard-earned reputation, and customers enjoy the security they feel when in a well-lit parking lot. A recent study found that parking lots with improved lighting led to crime rates dropping by nearly 40 percent.

You don’t need potential customers shopping with your competitor just because their parking lot is more attractive. Whether you’re dealing with retail, shopping malls, movie theaters or airports, investing in lighting repairs for a brighter parking lot pays dividends.

Energy savings

You might think that the installation of new lighting would outweigh any potential energy savings down the line—but the reality is the opposite. Business owners report up to $30,000 saved per year by switching to LED lighting for their parking lots. Energy consumption drops considerably when using more efficient bulbs.

Prevent car crashes

Another benefit of investing in lighting repairs is that your parking lot will have fewer car accidents. More than 50,000 parking lot accidents occur every year, but having better lighting in the parking lot can reduce the number of these crashes. Make sure that pedestrians and drivers can see their surroundings clearly to enhance safety. It’s especially important to have strong lighting at any entrances and exits.

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