What to Do to Prevent Electrical Hazards

Electrical hazards are the biggest causes of fires, electrocutions, and other injuries. Therefore, you must always take every step possible to avoid causing an injury. These are some tips for preventing electrical hazards in your home, office, or apartment.

Have an Electrician Inspect Electrical Equipment
The best way to ensure that all of your electrical devices and components are safe is to have an electrician inspect them. You’ll want to have a professional perform an inspection during these crucial times:

Before moving into a new home
Before selling a property
Whenever you notice a problem
An electrician can write a report and notify you of any hazards immediately. You can then schedule a service to solve the issue before it causes any problems.

Keep Water and Metal Away From Electrical Components
Water and electricity never mix. The only thing more dangerous than water is metal components. Thus, you’ll need to avoid placing drinks and other liquids near electrical devices, plugs, or outlets. Also, don’t ever place a metal object into an outlet to test it or try to work on outlets without the proper training.

Tend to Frayed and Damaged Wiring Immediately
Wires can get damaged for a variety of reasons. Rodents sometimes chew wires when they have nothing better to do. Wires can also wear with age or overheat when an electrical appliance has an issue. It’s best to give your devices a visual inspection at least once a week to look for possible problems. Use certified electrical tape to cover damaged areas. This will prevent sparks from touching flammable items and prevent the damage from worsening.

Wear Protective Gloves When Working With Electricity
Protect yourself from accidents and mishaps by wearing protective gloves when performing even the simplest tasks on an electrical device. That means you should wear gloves even when you’re applying tape to a cord. Regular rubber gloves are good, but you may want to invest in a pair of regulation electrician gloves to keep around the house in case you need to touch some electrical components.

Use Outlet Covers if You Have Children
Children are curious and sometimes get the urge to explore electrical components, especially when they are at the crawling stage. Thus, you should invest in outlet covers to avoid any injuries from happening to your little ones. Outlet covers are inexpensive and normally come in large packs so that you can cover all of your outlets with one box.

Take Action on Faulty Appliances
You can usually tell something is wrong with an appliance when it acts up. Repetitive blown fuses are an example of an issue that a faulty piece of machinery can cause. You also might notice that a certain appliance shocks you or goes in and out of working order. Those are all signs of an electrical issue you shouldn’t ignore. When such issues happen, stop using the appliance and have someone look at it. You can de-energize electrical components by turning them off, unplugging them, and placing a block underneath them for good measure.

Those are just a few helpful tips for keeping yourself and your family safe. Use them wisely to avoid incidents that can cause serious injuries.