How Can I Protect My Home From an Electrical Fire?

When it comes to electrical fires at home, they account for more than 30,000 non-fatal electrical shock accidents each year. Additionally, between 600 and 1,000 die each year from electrocution. There are various safety tips that you can implement in your home to avoid electrical fires.

Tips To Avoid Electrical Fires at Home
You can follow many tips to help prevent electrical fires in your home.

Electrical outlets – Make sure that you check for loose-fitting plugs. This can pose a fire or shock hazard. If you notice any loose ones, be sure to replace them. Additionally, you should replace broken or missing wall plates so that components and wiring are not out in the open. If you have younger children in the home, make sure that any outlets not being used are covered completely.
Plugs – Avoid forcing plugs into outlets. Avoid removing the grounding pin, also known as the third prong, to make it fit an outlet for two conductors. You should also avoid overloading any outlets with adapters and multiple plugs from your appliances.
Cords – Always check your cords to ensure they have no cracks or frays in them. Avoid placing cords under rugs or carpets, or in areas with high traffic. Avoid stapling or nailing your cords to the floors, walls, and other objects,
Extension cords – Only use them temporarily as they are not intended to be used as a permanent fix. Ensure your extension cords have safety closures to protect your children from shock and mouth burn injuries.
Light bulbs – Be sure that you check the wattage of the bulbs you are using to make sure that they match the fixture requirements. If any of your bulbs have higher wattage ratings than are recommended, be sure to replace them. Screw them in securely to avoid overheating.
Appliances & Electronics

Regarding appliances and electronics, always ensure you unplug any appliance that blows a fuse consistently. If an appliance or electronic has given you an electronic shock or trips a circuit breaker, be sure to have it replaced or repaired. Always search for damage or cracks in connectors and wiring and implement the use of surge protectors.

Service Capacity

You should also upgrade your home with more lighting. Your home’s electrical service capacity can easily become overwhelmed. If fuses trip or blow often, you should increase the capacity of your electrical service. You can easily do this by having a qualified electrician figure out the appropriate service requirements for your home.

Electrical Wiring

A major cause of fires is wiring defects. Check for loose wall receptacles, loose lighting fixtures, and loose wires. Watch out for sizzling or popping sounds behind the walls. If you do hear them, shut them off right away and have a professional replace any light switches that are hot to the touch in addition to any lights that flicker and spark.