Some Benefits of Electrical Submetering

Energy management is increasingly popular among organizations that operate large campuses, buildings and other facilities. If you want to use energy management principles successfully, it requires gathering and understanding the detailed data on how energy is used on a daily basis. But the information you need may not be readily available. To do energy management right, you’ll need facility engineers who understand where and how energy is being utilized on the property.

This is a key step in achieving environmental sustainability and reducing energy costs. One way in which companies and organizations can effectively monitor their energy usage is via electrical submetering. This is a great way to collect data that will allow for better, more informed decisions on energy usage. Read on to find out about submetering benefits for Alexandria, VA property owners.

Basics of electrical submetering

This involves the installation of power meters, which can also be known as power monitors or energy monitors, that are utilized to measure energy use after it arrives at a primary utility meter. Submetering allows the ability to monitor energy usage by individual parts of a complex business, such as different tenants, departments or pieces of equipment.

Why use submetering?

There are a number of benefits to using submetering:

• Identify instances of energy wastage
• Record exact energy usage instead of using estimates
• Provide data that allows for informed decision making
• Obtain accurate, real-time data on energy use
• Identify potential maintenance issues and problems with equipment before they happen
• Compare energy usage at similar facilities

How submetering is put into use

One popular way in which submetering can reduce energy costs is by utilizing peak demand charges. In this instance, a utility provider charges more at times of day when energy is in greater demand. This is intended to prevent maximum energy consumption during these times. By increasing the cost, the goal is for customers to shift their usage to other times of day to avoid higher charges.

Another application is tenant submetering for commercial and residential complexes. These tenants are typically charged per square foot for the space. The landlord pays the utility bill for the whole complex, and the tenants pay their share, but are not billed based on the amount of electricity they use. With tenant submetering, this allows landlords to charge tenants based on the actual amount of energy they use. When a revenue-grade power meter is installed, this allows for exact monitoring of electrical usage. The idea is that tenants will reduce their usage to save money.

If you’re considering electrical submetering in Alexandria, VA, it’s best to consult the experts. Walsh Electric has been serving Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland for over three decades. We’re the leaders when it comes to residential, commercial and government electrical service.

We can install state-of-the-art submetering systems that will improve energy efficiency and provide detailed, accurate monitoring. In the long run, this will add to your property’s value and give you a competitive edge. Contact Walsh Electric today for more information!