How Switchgear Maintenance Helps to Avoid Failure

If your switchgear malfunctions, the results can be dangerous. Damaging a switchgear on its own is liable to be very expensive. It also can be a potential hazard to people. That’s why it’s critical to implement regular switchgear inspection, testing and maintenance. Even if your switchgear says it doesn’t require maintenance, it’s still a smart practice to perform regular checks.

To keep your switchgear and the whole electrical system functioning, bringing in the experts at Walsh Electric is the way to go. We’re the leaders in switchgear preventative maintenance in Alexandria, VA, and our emergency services are available to help you 24/7. Read on to find out the fundamentals in avoiding switchgear failure.

Different approaches

There are several ways to perform switchgear maintenance. Some include those recommended by the National Fire Protection Association and the International Electrical Testing Association. Many involve replacing indicator lights after they’ve failed. Preventative maintenance such as cleaning and lubricating disconnect switches is another common task. Visually inspecting bus connections and breakers is predictive maintenance that can also pay off.

The airline industry has developed an approach that many others now use, known as reliability centered maintenance. This method involves additional maintenance inspection depending on how important system operation is. It also includes analyzing component failure modes and system criticality, then determining what the most effective and appropriate method is for maintaining all components. This can reduce repair costs and shorten outages.

Maintenance outage recommendations

Scheduling electrical system outages to perform maintenance can be inconvenient. Taking the following steps will help ensure things go smoothly:

• Check history of the equipment and note where failures occurred.
• Consider what you believe needs to be repaired or refurbished.
• Consult drawings and other documentation to ensure they’re current.
• Collect all relevant instruction manuals and ensure they are correct.
• Perform a visual inspection as well as partial discharge testing and thermal scanning. This allows you to solve problems whenever they occur.
• Order all parts and materials you’ll need for the outage before it happens.
• Stick to a work plan schedule that is communicated to all staff.

When the outage occurs, it’s important to shut down the switchgear and follow procedures. Go over any drawing inconsistencies and issues with connections, then perform all inspections and cleaning. This way you can begin testing and perform needed maintenance.

The reality is that the business of switchgear maintenance in Alexandria, VA is complex and best left to the professionals. Walsh Electric has built a reputation over the course of more than 35 years in the business. Our team has extensive experience in residential, commercial and government fields and has worked throughout Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland.

Our customers keep coming back to us because of the high level of service we provide. We’re a licensed, bonded and insured company that always responds quickly to service calls. Day or night, our emergency electrical services are available. Give us a call today to learn more or schedule an appointment—we look forward to assisting you soon!