Thermal Imaging Systems for Temperature Screening

If you’ve watched many action movies, you’ve probably seen agents, security personnel or medical professionals use infrared scanners or infrared thermal imaging in Alexandria, VA. These systems detect body heat, and are often featured in scenes that involve locating or detecting people in a building or in the dark.

While these uses of infrared thermal imaging systems in Alexandria, VA may make for intriguing movie scenes, experts are finding less action-packed uses for infrared thermal imaging. In fact, as the nation continues to face the COVID-19 epidemic, these systems are being used for temperature screening.

Scanning for fevers

Recent advancements in technology have allowed for the development of infrared thermal imaging systems in Alexandria, VA that can detect even slight elevations in temperature in the human body. This technology allows system monitors to scan individuals as they enter places such as airports, hospitals and schools.

The system’s screen shows color variations to indicate elevated body temperatures. Those monitoring the infrared thermal imaging systems can watch for these variations or receive an alert if the system detects an elevation.

Security personnel can then alert the individual of their condition and direct them to a screening location to check their health status.

Preventing infection

Some models of these infrared thermal imaging systems can scan up to 1,000 body temperatures per hour. Experts say this can help identify those who are suffering from COVID-19 at an early stage and help prevent the spread of the virus. Because fever is an early sign of infection, the infrared thermal imaging in Alexandria, VA alerts the individual and security personnel in the public place they have entered that the person may be sick. They can then be properly screened by healthcare professionals to determine if they are carrying the virus.

Installing infrared thermal imaging systems in Alexandria, VA

Of course, this technology isn’t available at every hospital, school or airport. As with any new technology, it will take time for the innovation to catch on and to become more affordable so it becomes more commonplace. Infrared thermal imaging in Alexandria, VA also requires specialized knowledge for installation and use.

If you are interested in installing any type of infrared thermal imaging systems, be sure to consult with an expert electrician. You’ll need to ensure the system can integrate with your electrical systems and can be safely operated at your setting. This is a good rule of thumb for any new type of system that requires electrical input at your location.

Partner with the pros

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