When to Call an Emergency Electrician

While many handy homeowners fancy themselves as amateur electricians, it’s really best to call in a professional to handle most of the electrical maintenance and repair tasks that accompany homeownership. But how do you know if your problem requires immediate attention? If any of the following situations apply to you and your home, don’t hesitate to call an emergency electrician for quick service.

You feel mild shocks when you touch switches or outlets

Feeling a jolt whenever you touch a particular switch or outlet in your home? This is a sign of a serious electrical problem that requires immediate attention from a professional electrician. Whether the cause is a loose connection or short circuit, the issue can eventually cause electrocution or a fire.

In some cases, you may be experiencing frequent shocks when using switches or plugs throughout the house. If this is the case, it’s well past time to have your grounding and circuitry upgraded by an expert.

You’re blowing fuses regularly

While it’s normal for fuses to blow from time to time, when fuses blow regularly it could be a sign of energy surges harming your electrical system. Fuses essentially are emergency circuit breakers, giving way to keep excess current from harming system components. When they blow on a regular basis, it’s a clear indication that there’s a major problem requiring quick attention from a professional electrician.

Your lights are flickering

Flickering lights are much more than a minor annoyance—they may be a sign of a serious electrical problem in your home. Too much electrical demand in specific parts of the home is the typical cause of flickering lights, and it usually means one particular outlet is receiving far too much power than it should. If the lights are constantly flickering in certain parts of your house, call in an emergency electrician rather than letting the problem linger.

Your switches or appliances run warm

Noticing unexpected warmth from a switch or appliance? The first thing you should do is stop using the device and call an emergency electrician. Warm switches and appliances indicate a serious electrical problem, one that poses a serious fire risk for your home. In this situation, it’s simply wise to act sooner rather than later.

Your electric bills are unexpectedly high

Take a look at your most recent electric bill. Does it seem significantly higher than it should be, in spite of no significant change in usage patterns? This usually indicates a problem with the wiring, and a potential short circuit in the system. Usually, an electrician will recommend an update to your electrical panel, which will help your home handle the larger amount of electricity required by today’s devices and appliances, preventing electrical fires and helping you get control of your electric bills.

Each of the situations described above indicate a need for a local emergency electrician. Acting fast is essential for protecting your family and your home. Reach out to Walsh Electric for emergency electrical service—we’re standing by to help!