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Complete Electrical Service & Repair for Realtors’ Properties

Walsh Electric, an electrical services company in Northern Virginia, provides fast response to realtors’ service calls in tight-deadline situations.

We work with many realtors and are sensitive to your critical deadlines:

  • Go to closing faster When your buyer is ready to buy, our electricians will be there fast to complete the needed repairs successfully in time for the closing.
  • Manage rental properties efficiently Our seasoned team of electricians and master electricians has the experience and training to handle all types of service requests from regular maintenance and simple repairs to trouble shooting and solving frustrating electrical problems that other electricians couldn’t solve.

Our Service Manager Always Answers the Phone

You’ll never get a recording when you call Walsh Electric for service. Thanks to our large team of technicians, our service manager will always be able to respond quickly and send the technician who can get to you fast.

Extensive Realtor Experience

Walsh Electric technicians are licensed, bonded and insured electricians with many years of experience working with realtors and their clients’ properties:

  • Getting properties ready to go on the market or ready for the closing
  • Performing maintenance and repairs for rental properties

We perform electrical services such as:

  • Home Inspections Our electricians are certified and trained by American Society of Home Inspectors ASHI), North America’s oldest and most respected professional society of home inspectors to perform complete electrical inspections of your clients’ residential and commercial properties. We provide a comprehensive report of our findings that follows ASHI guidelines. Per your instructions, we will make the designated repairs that bring the property up to code and make it ready to sell.
  • Electrical Repairs Our electricians repair a wide spectrum of electrical problems with interior and exterior wiring and receptacles including:
    • Loose connections
    • Incompatible wiring sizes
    • Improper grounding
    • Corrosion
    • Water leakage
    • Small animal intrusion
    • Proper labeling of circuit breakers in the panel box

When Walsh Electric technicians perform service and repairs, we are respectful and sensitive to your client’s needs. Our goal is to perform the work quietly, correctly and efficiently.

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