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Taking Care of Your Home Office’s Electrical Needs

Your home office requires special treatment from the rest of your home when it comes to electricity. Most home offices feature several devices all running at the same time, which could include computers, printers, scanners and more. It’s important to be sure that your home office has the capability to run all these devices at the same time. Your home office should also feature an adequate number of outlets.

Ensure your home office is prepared for any situation by contacting a professional electrical contractor in Northern Virginia. Read on to learn about some of the ways you can improve your home office’s electrical infrastructure.

Add more outlets

Outlets may not be something you thought about much when buying your home. There are always power strips and extension cords, right? Well, plugging too many devices into one power strip can sometimes result in overheating, while extension cords running across the entire room are unsightly and may distract from your work. This is why it’s good to have multiple options when it comes to electrical outlets.

Even if your home office doesn’t have enough outlets, the right electrical contractor in Northern Virginia could install more of them quickly and at a fair price.

Consider surge protection for your entire home

While having a small surge protector in your office could help prevent some overheating, it’s sometimes best to invest in surge protection for your whole home. Any electrical surge could make the power go out in your entire home, leaving you unable to work—or do anything else—until it’s fixed. A whole home surge protector could help prevent this. These devices are easy to install and could help prevent expensive repairs down the line. Consider asking your electrical contractor about these devices today.

Invest in a generator

Surge protectors might not be enough, especially if there’s a large storm in your area. This is why it’s often a good idea to have a generator on hand. These amazing devices provide all the power you need when your home’s electrical system isn’t working. There’s a huge variety of generators on the market, so you can easily find one that fits your needs.

Since there are so many different types of generators, you’ll want to be sure you do plenty of research on each one. Ensure they have good product reviews and meet all your specifications. You don’t want to throw down a lot of money on a generator, only for it to not work correctly.

Circuit breakers specifically for your home office

Often called dedicated computer circuits, these are electrical systems you can have installed specifically for your home office. These systems supply you with your own circuit breaker and private energy source. They are quite popular with home office workers, as they help prevent power surges, loss of power and blown fuses. A local electrical contractor in Northern Virginia could quickly install your dedicated computer circuits and have you working at maximum efficiency in no time!

If you’re looking for quality electrical work with the option for 24/7 emergency service, contact Walsh Electric today.

Helpful Tips for Surge Protection at Commercial Facilities

If you own commercial property in Alexandria, VA, you need to protect your investment from all forms of accidents or damage. This includes being proactive about surge protection. Power surges cause equipment failure to electronics, which can be incredibly costly to replace. They can also damage your electrical outlets, and can even cause fires. To protect your commercial property and the contents inside, here’s what you need to know about commercial surge protection in Alexandria, VA.

Why is grounding important?

As a business owner, you need to be aware of your options for commercial surge protection in Alexandria, VA. One of the most important things you can do to protect your business is investing in a quality surge protection device. These handy components divert high-current surges to the ground, protecting your valuable equipment and your electrical system as a whole. You need a good low-resistance grounding system on your property that has a single reference point to connect all of your building’s systems. It’s helpful to have a skilled electrician make sure your system is grounded to code—it’s your best protection against a potentially damaging power surge.

What causes power surges?

You might think that lightning is the only cause of power surges. While most of the time this is true, there are also some other causes of surges that you should keep in mind. It could be an internal issue, where the equipment you use in your building, from air conditioners to elevators, can expose an electric circuit to large amounts of energy. Smart building owners install quality surge protectors to keep this equipment safe—it’s much cheaper than potentially replacing the equipment if it fails due to a surge.

What do I need to know about installing a surge protection device?

When your electrical technician comes to install your surge protection device, they’ll install it on all systems that could be susceptible to damage from surges. It’s best to install the devices as close as possible to the equipment you want to protect. Your technician will carefully consider cable length, since a short and straight route to the ground helps keep your equipment safe. Each surge protector should be equipped with an indicator to show you that it’s functioning properly.

In addition, you should install a surge protection device on systems you might not think are susceptible to surges. Electrical currents can travel through phone and fax lines, cable or satellite systems and even local area networks. Make sure not to overlook these features as you’re safeguarding your electrical system—it could make a huge difference in preventing costly damage if a surge occurs at your property.

Understanding the basics about commercial surge protection in Alexandria, VA is an important step in safeguarding your investment. An experienced electrician can help you make sure your electrical system is prepared to handle both internal and external causes of surges. Contact the team at Walsh Electric today to keep your electric system in good working order to protect your building and its contents.