The Best Lighting Options for Your Kitchen

Kitchen Lighting Considerations

Many people spend a lot of time in their kitchen, whether it’s to prep and cook meals, wash a pile of dishes or find that perfect midnight snack. Because it’s a well-used space that is often the center of a home, it’s important to make sure kitchen lighting is both functional and welcoming.
As any residential electrical contractor in Alexandria, VA will tell you, this is no easy task. All lighting design works by layering three main types of lighting: ambient, accent and task lighting. And because a kitchen has so many different functions and work stations, the job is even more complex. Read on for some things to consider when designing your kitchen lighting:

  • Make sure to work with what you have: The way a space is laid out will certainly impact lighting choices. For example, if the ceilings are low and the kitchen is small, longer pendant lighting would not be appropriate. It would make the space feel more cramped and get in the way. Instead, for smaller spaces, recessed or track lighting would provide better ambient lighting for the space. Consider what is unique about your kitchen and what architectural features you might want to show off through your lighting design.
  • Consider how you’ll use the space: You’ll also want to consider how you’ll use the kitchen spaces. Which areas would benefit from direct task lighting? If you cook a lot, a light over the stove is helpful, and under-cabinet lighting provides shadow-free light for any meal preparation or cleaning without taking up a lot of space. These are just a few options for what to consider as you analyze your kitchen usage.
  • Think about what you want to showcase: Accent lighting is often decorative in nature and draws your eye to a specific feature you want to highlight. A well-chosen use of accent lighting can almost function like a work of art in itself by adding a flair to the room that would otherwise not be there. Installing one dramatic chandelier or a few unique pendant lights can spruce up a space and add more functional light as well. Just remember that the fixtures do need to fit the space you have, not the space you might want!

Every kitchen is unique, and it takes some careful planning from a residential electrical contractor in Alexandria, VA. The experts at Walsh Electric would be thrilled to provide the support you need for a kitchen lighting design project. Since 1985, we’ve worked with a wide variety of clients on residential lighting upgrades and have the knowhow and resources required to complete any job.

On top of residential design and installation, Walsh Electric is confident we can serve any complex electric problem in a timely manner. We have the most advanced electrical equipment and a dedicated staff willing to serve you quickly and expertly. Call today for more information on our services and to receive a free quote—we look forward to helping you get the most out of your kitchen!